You don’t have to spend a million peso to look expensive and classy

Anyone can be classy and still look fabulous even though you don’t spend lots of money for your outfits and stuff. I learned the art of experimenting get-ups when I was broke and bored. It was the day where I literally consumed my savings and my card was actually in its minimum balance and I don’t have a choice but to mix and match the things I have in my wardrobe. Good thing I was blessed with fashion buff cousins because they are always there to save me from this chaos hahaha charot! Whenever I ask them what to do because I’m having a hard time to pair things up, they won’t fail to give me great ideas and all of them are worth it I swear! But not all the time they are always there for me because they too are busy for their work so I’m using the ideas they gave and the only secret to this is BE CREATIVE!



There is gonna be a lot walking and trying to do. Much frustration in which you try something on and it doesn’t fit just the way you want it to. Don’t worry because at the end of the day, you won’t be empty-handed because everything you did was just part of the hunt. But do not let this word “SALE” fool you every time you see it. Not all items on sale are on its lowest prices.


2. Thrift Shops

To all guys and girls out there, this is the best way to save money if you don’t wanna splurge too much but still want to look good and be a fashionista, this is for you. Let’s all admit that not everything we want can be found in our favorite department stores and clothing lines. I myself, have already proven this. I was copying the look of this famous icon and I already shopped for the other stuff in my favorite clothing line but I cannot find LBD. So I tried visiting thrift shops and tadaaaah! I found one oh my gosh! I was so happy and that was the time I started going back over and over to find unique pieces because there’s only one piece and no one can have the same dress like you and I think that’s one of the perks of going to thrift stores. Just learn to explore and dig hahaha it’s so fun I tell you.


3. Leave your credit card at home

It’s a good thing to leave your CC at home because it helps you to spend less. This is also to avoid spending more than how much you save. Just bring the money you need for the day and take control of the things you want to buy. I know there is a lot of temptations outside and it is like the mannequins are talking to you to buy the dresses and stuff they wear but learn to stop yourself and just buy the essential things you need.


4. Online Shops

Do not trust online shops always because you might be a victim of online scammers and fake sellers. Learn to spot a fake shop and an authentic one. See the number of followers and the comment section if they are legit. There are also feedbacks posted so it can be one of the basis if they are a trusted seller or not. Buying online helps you to save big because there are many discount codes you can find and you can always avail their promo. You can also subscribe to them to alert you if they have best deals for you.


5. Make sure you’re comfortable, no matter what you’re wearing

Whatever you’re wearing must be comfortable enough for you to carry. Don’t wear outfits that you are not comfortable with because it will just ruin your day and it will make you look less confident because you are always conscious with your look. At the end of the day, it is you who can style yourself successfully and not the other people.