Manhattan: Red Night


Red? It’s a very seductive color for me. It screams for sexiness and power. You can use red by attracting someone you like or you might want to cast a spell to make him fall for you and under the pale moonlight, he’ll follow whatever you desire.. Oh shriieeeks! Hahaha oh my gosh I’m being creepy again lol. I won’t do this trust me. I’m only making a review for this nail polish I want to try on my nails. Here it is:

I’m not a big fan of dark nail polish because it feels like it does not fit my skin color and makes my complexion a little bit darker than normal. I always wear nude colors or pastel because they are so cute to look at plus they look classy and chic. But, as what I’ve promised before, I will try to experiment more different colors and hues so that I can discover more nail polishes that could be wearable in any event and time. Hopefully, this color would fit me and I hope you can try this too.

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I don’t know if this is available here in our country because I ordered this from my aunt in Germany and luckily, she gave it to me for free yaaaaas! 😍 Who doesn’t want free stuff right? *grins*

This nail polish lasts long and unlike other nail polishes, it has a wide rectangular brush that fits into your nails and helps you to avoid not painting the whole nail. It leaves a gel-like shine and dries quickly.  You don’t need to double coat it because the color is very intense and looks like you coated your nails several times. But be careful enough when painting your nails because this color might stain and it is a little bit hard to remove it and it is also messy because the color spreads easily when you remove it with a nail polish remover.

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I would definitely buy this again but with variant color this time because I want to try other playful colors. The price is reasonable and the product is very promising so why not give it another try right? If you want to try a color as same as this and you cannot find Manhattan in Red Night here in our country, you can always try a different brand but similar in color. There’s a lot of nail polishes out there just explore explore explore girl hehe *winks*

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So, here’s my verdict:

It does not really make my skin color darker

It lasts for one to two weeks and still looks glossy

It looks dark violet but there is an instance that it looks like raspberry red

You can use this without a top coat and still looks shiny

Excuse my not so photogenic hand XD my nails are shorter than my previous post because I trimmed it before the Christmas vacation and it is very hassle to knead dough with long nails hahaha by the way I know how to make cookies and I can make you one for free! If you want one let me know by sending me a message through my e-mail or message me on Instagram or Twitter.

*P.S: Only the people I know can have free cookies because I can’t shoulder the shipping costs hahaha I’m so broke.