Happy Bucket 1.1


Another dose of happiness that makes my mood sparkly…

  1. Checked my mail today and received replies from my favorite teams!
  2. Noticed by Kevin Balot three times
  3. I can’t get enough of eating popcorn nuggets because I just have to pop it in the oven hahaha 🙂 plus it tastes like McNuggets you should definitely try it!
  4. Finished my two blog posts for the week hoooray!
  5. St. Michael’s World Apostolate from New York replied for my requested blessed rose petal!
  6. Met awesome people from partying last night and enjoyed beer pong hahaha but was replaced with ping pang pong and 7 up lol.
  7. Getting enough sleep and it feels so refreshing
  8. Been trying to make protein shakes and it was so yummy
  9. The oven arrived already and I can now bake yeyy!
  10. I’ll be the one cooking for Christmas and I’m so excited
  11. Sis and cous gave me my favorite matte lippie and i’m the happiest girl yesterday ❤
  12. Been visiting good blogs and reading their great entries
  13. Movie Marathons all day
  14. It smells cinnamon and citrus in the entire house

What makes you happy lately? Share it by commenting below. 🙂