When I was a little girl, I strongly believed in fairytales, prince charming, and knight in shining armour. It’s a beautiful daydream to have my own true love’s first kiss. But as years goes by, those magical fantasies starts to fade.

Everything happens so fast  — one minute you’re both discussing about random life events and in the next hour one of you is now confessing his feelings and now both of you are smitten. The next day, he now left you confused.

How fulfilling it feels when someone makes time for you. Someone who checks up on you consistently and will reciprocate the feelings and efforts you give. The person who is afraid to lose you and will understand every bit of your soul and won’t leave you questioning your worth. The person who will not leave you hanging and will communicate with you even during the hardest times.

How lucky is the girl who is treated by the guy like he is still trying to win her. We deserve someone who won’t give us mixed signals, the one that his words will match his actions. It’s heart saddening when someone promised and fails to keep it. When they said they will never hurt you but in the end, they did and it marked in your heart that will never be erased.

One thing life taught me. Know your worth. You are not born to be always on the queue list, you are not here to beg for someone’s attention and to be given temporary love. There is someone praying for you out there. Wishing for someone like you. You just need to be patient and trust in God’s plan. The right man will stay, the wrong man will run away.

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