Hello my lovely readers! I am so happy to be back again after a year of hiatus. A loooooot of things happened that I never expected. Some are bad and some are good. But you know, we always love seeing the good in everything so let’s focus on the good things happened.

COVID-19 brought so much delays in our life. But this did not stop me to reach my goals. This situation though triggered stress and anxieties, God always is on the rescue. My favorite verse is Psalm 27:14 “Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!” it reminds me to not be hopeless and surrender everything to God because He has plans and we need to trust His plans. I’m sure everything that is happening now has a reason. We just need to be faithful and fervently pray.

Also, I spent so much time with my family since I went back home. I love being crazy and being loud and free with them so I’m really taking the opportunity to make the most out if it because we never know when I will be away again for work.

I met new friends and my sister booked us together for a yoga session. Who taught I would be fascinated doing it? This is so therapeutic just like me baking and experimenting recipes!

The year 2020 was undeniably chaotic and fun at the same time. Lockdown taught me new things and discover hobbies that I don’t know I can execute. I also met someone special.. 💞

YES. You read it right. Haha this is one of the highlights of my 2020. He’s so special to me and I’m so lucky to have him. He inspired me in many ways and motivates me in whatever I do. I can’t wait to give him tight hugs and kisses! OMG just the thought of it makes me so freakin’ excited. Looking forward to more adventures together whenever it’s already safe to travel. I love him so much. 🥰


Pipay and Enchong tied the knot! As some of you know, my best friend slash cousin walked her way to forever with Vincent. Fernie is so special to me because she was my playmate since age 1 haha we had lots of memories together, so it’s indeed remarkable to me and to the whole sissy’s (we’re 7 besties and this is what we call each other lol) and family seeing her happy and married to a guy who loves her so much.

This summer of 2021, I went to the beach with my childhood friends! It was so unforgettable meeting them again after a long time. It was so relaxing and with nature, it felt so goooood away from the city. Just pure tranquility and calmness of nature. We also spotted a Philippine Eagle on coconut trees!

I also got my first tattoo with my mom! It’s an amazing highlight of my 2021 also because this is not something my mom would get if not because of me hahaha 😋 She loved the design but not the process LOL!

And thaaat’s it! Hope to see you on my next Happy Bucket List!

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