1.12 Why I chose Him


To anyone who will be asking why I chose him.

To all the wild guesses up to the criticisms that I will be receiving.

This is why I chose Him.


I chose him not because I want to use him as a cover to conceal the pain I’m feeling.

But I chose Him because he made me genuinely happy when my heart’s aching.

He gave me happiness and assurance

That I badly needed.


I chose Him not because he’s far away from me so that I can do whatever the fuck I want.

But I chose Him because even though he’s hours away from me, it seems like he’s always beside me.



and mostly

comforting me.


I chose him because he’s there when I needed someone to cheer me up.

When I needed someone to just listen to my problems and not say anything.

When I needed a good laugh after a long tiring day without being trying hard to be happy.


I chose him because he’s consistent.

Consistent with every small detail that I thought won’t make me laugh.

He painted a smile on my lips every time we converse.

There’s never a dull moment with him.


It’s hard to predict what will happen in the following days, months, and years.

But can we just stop for a moment and appreciate every little thing happening.

And just feel every minute because the present time is what really matters.


But if the time comes that we have to leave each other,

I will miss the nights we used to stay up very late

The 3 a.m. late night talks and touches of laughter

Where we would talk about everything and anything


The only thing I wish.

That when things don’t go well,

Let’s try to fix it together

For all the memories we have shared

Will be treasured a lifetime.



P.S. This is for someone who made my semester break extra meaningful. Thank you, for a fleeting glimpse of eternity. ☺️✨



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