It’s been almost 7 months since my Happy Bucket post. A lot happened but I’ll be sharing only some memorable events occurred! 

My fingers are so thrilled to type lol 😀

Here’s some bucket full of sunshine:


  • My grandma gave me baking kinds of stuff and ingredients that cannot be found here in our country and guess who’s so delighted? Hahaha it means unlimited baking for meeeee! woooh
  • Met a special friend that gave me so much life lessons and inspiration that made me rethink what I am doing with my life lol.
  • Bought some frozen strawberries and turned them into Strawberry Ice-Cream! One of my favorite homemade desserts I’ve ever made!
  • Thesis defense A was a success for our team and I can’t fully express how elated I am. God truly works wonders. He’s our guide and strength throughout the quest. 
  • First time to make Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies with chocolate chips! Can’t wait to share the recipe soon when I bake again. 🙂 In love with this delectable recipe and my cookie heart jumped with glee when my family recommended this to their friends! ❤️ 
  • Went island hopping to Caramoan Islands and the place was paradisal and picturesque. While the boat was sailing, I was silently struggling to compose myself because I’m afraid that the boat might sink hahaha anyway, I’m in awe by the majestic wonders of nature. Fascinating rock formation structures plus the crystalline blue-green waters! 
  • Took my besties out for my post-birthday dinner. I can’t unveil what happened during that night but it was THE BEST NIGHT EVER HAPPENED TO ME THIS YEAR! 
  • Found my new favorite Netflix shows to binge watch all night, GLOW and Gilmore Girls! 

Good night sweeties 💘



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