I was thinking of what shade I’ll try to experiment to create a summer glowy look but with a bit of freshness. Aaaand voilà two people popped in my mind, Camie Juan and IAMKARENO. Because I remember the time I watched their make-up tutorial on youtube which made me fell in love because the shades they used are so much earthly and perfect for this coming summer.

I’m not a professional make-up artist so bear with my beginner skills lol. I skipped contouring to make it look subtle and fresh.

The basic tip here is, put some highlighter on your cheeks, nose, and along your brow bone to achieve that glowing summer look. I always do this whenever I put make-up on because it polishes the overall look and accentuates the face.

By the way, my eyebrows don’t look aligned but always remember that eyebrows are sisters but not twins. Hahaha

For the lips, I used peachy apricot shade and coated it with light pink lip gloss to match my eyeshadow.

If you want to know the products I used, you can comment down below and I’ll update this.

Have a sizzling summer gals!!! 🔥



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