It’s 2018 so new year, new me? LOL XD A lot of things happened and I must admit that I wasn’t that ready to welcome 2018 yet but still, of course, celebrated the year with open arms! Beyond blessed that my family is always there and supportive of everything I do.

Here’s some bucket full of sunshine..


  • Welcomed the Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve with my family complete. Papa’s vacation this year was very timely because it falls on the month of December ––holiday season.
  • Finished reading Rainbow Rowell’s “Midnights” for a Christmas storytime. I loved ittt! 😀
  • Had a family picture taken at the studio and had it framed in our family hall. It was a memorable experience because the photographer instructed us to do various fun poses and we absolutely enjoyed XD.
  • Papa finally tried the  Nuclear 2x Spicy Noodles/Samyang/Korean Spicy Noodles whatever you call it haha 🙂
  • I cooked our Christmas and New Year’s Eve dinner! Plus, my sister made desserts. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your family enjoying the food you prepared.
  • I received my Christmas gifts one week earlier before 25th of December so I don’t have any gifts to open for the Christmas Eve. :3
  • Before 2017 ended, I made new friends. Bianca from Romania and Fiona from Belgium! If you two are reading this, thank you for being kind and friendly to me! ❤
  • Posting some of my travel photos from last year to declutter my album and maximize my phone storage and give space for new memories.
  • My aunt and cousin Donmar visited us and I enjoyed playing with him lol miss that cutie.
  • In love with Elizabeth Arden: 5th Avenue scent!
  • I treated myself at a nail salon and had it painted with OPI’s holiday colours screaming with elegance.

I’ve been so busy this past few weeks and I had a lot of reviews and requirements going on. Thinking of a new content to post but I need some free time to do it. I’ll check my planner if I can insert it into my schedule.

Have a great day ahead!




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