1.8 For you, [MY] FRIEND

First off, let me start this by saying THANK YOU.

THANK YOU because I learned plenty of things today because of you.

I am now more appreciating the small little things that I do not seem to notice before.

THANK YOU. If not because of your selfish acts, I wouldn’t strive hard to be more conscientious in my studies. You let me discover my own weaknesses and because of that, I knew myself better than I did before.

THANK YOU that even sometimes you left me alone. I unlocked brand new levels of challenges that helped me to be that strong independent lady.

And I found out eating my favorite food though alone, is one of the best feelings and gives me a break from all the stress life offers. — Me Time it is. *wink*

THANK YOU for the times that you’re pushing me to my limits. It reminds me that I’m also a human — who has boundaries and emotions too.

THANK YOU though you’re the soul sibling of Grinch, I was able to control myself not to be consumed by your insecurities and hate.

Lastly, I’m going to end this by saying THANK YOU again. Not because of you, I won’t be motivated to articulate my thoughts and write this words that I truly wanna say for so long.

Much Love,

Merzl 💖


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