The Face Shop: Designing Eyebrow Pencil Review

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Lip tint – ✓

Powder – ✓

Creams – ✓

Mascara – ✓

And I’m ready to hit the road heading to the university. But oooops, I think I skipped something. Let me check it in the mirror ( 30 seconds later)

That’s it! I forgot to use my eyebrow pencil. After putting this, I’m all set and ready to go!


Forgive me for my intro haha I’m trying to make short stories so I decided to make one. 🙂

So hey, I wanna share my favorite makeup product last 2016 until now. This is the best product I ever bought before the year ended. We all girls know that we can’t leave our house without our powerful weapon throughout the day. And yes, weapon equates to eyebrow pencil! 🙂

Girls who want to rock the “no makeup look” can use only eyebrow pencil and tint their lips throughout the day to give that fresh and legit no makeup look. Also, for me, I don’t use that much makeup because my skin feels itchy if the makeup lasted the whole day on my face.

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So here, is the Designing Eyebrow Pencil by The Face Shop.

I had the feeling of what you called love at first sight when I first entered the shop. I’m not really planning to buy one before because I’m using another brand that I love. But, I was attracted when I tested it. The pencil has a soft feeling that glides through my brows perfectly as it is. This pencil is not like the other brow pencils that have sticky feeling when applied. This also gives you a natural look and it lasts throughout the day.

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This is the first shade that I bought before. I grabbed the shade dark brown 05 because it complements my dark hair.

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This is the second time I bought and in the shade brown 03. I picked this shade because I’m planning to dye my locks this summer.

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The Face Shop Designing Eyebrow Pencil is a retractable dual ended eyebrow pen with a built-in spoolie. This is a space saver because my old eyebrow pencil does not have spoolie and I have to carry a spoolie in my pouch for blending my brows. I’m really glad I found this. This is a travel-friendly and pocket-friendly cosmetic I ever owned.

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Below are some of the available shades that you can choose from. I got the photo from google because I forgot to test it on my hand when I arrived at home. I got too excited to make a post about it hehe. 🙂 And also you can more visibly see the shade differences.

Design My Eyebrow - 5 Colors 7

Pic from:

I hope you can still see the differences between the two shades.

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05 Dark Brown photo was taken last year and 03 Brown captured yesterday


✓ It stays up to 7-10 hours without fading.

✓ User-friendly and easy to blend

✓ No need to carry sharpener everywhere lol

✓ The product lasts 4-5 months depending on use


✘ I bought this for ₱225.00 each so I don’t think it’s cheap

✘ It is tricky to draw sometimes when the skin is oily

So that’s it, ladies! I hope I shared enough information to all of you if you’re looking for a new eyebrow pencil. What are you using right now? You can share it with me through the comment section below. Let’s start a girl talk session! *wink*


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