1.6 You can do it!

While I was reading the novel I just bought in the library, I overheard two girls saying “Omg Di** is included in the dean’s list last semester and why is her best friend not included in the list? They are always together they should share knowledge and help during exams” And in that moment a sudden flashback happened. I also remember myself being compared to other people. It really hurts being compared to someone because you know that you both have different skills and strategies in studying.

How can they compare someone when they really do not actually know them? Where did they get the idea that this or that person is not good or not striving hard enough to be part of the dean’s list? You know people, intelligence is not only measured by grades I tell you. Yes, grades are important but the skills you have and the learnings are more important. What is the essence of high grades you got in college when you don’t apply all the erudition that you learned in the university?

giphy (6)

Likewise, students, parents, and professors should not compare and belittle students and compare them to other courses. We all have different levels of surviving obstacle in our college life so no need for comparisons. All courses and their majors have a corresponding degree of adversities so let us support each other rather than bashing them. Some students are better in one aspect more than the other.

College life is really stressful. We need to know our strengths and weaknesses so that we can control ourselves to handle the pressure coming. We can do and achieve everything we want. Trust your own self and be more courageous in every step we take. Let us just treat all the hardships in life as a challenge for us that will help us mold to be a better version of ourselves. Great opportunities are brilliantly disguised as impossible situations. So let’s figure out how we can solve it because we don’t know what the future awaits for us.

REMEMBER: “A fish cannot climb a tree and a monkey doesn’t know how to swim.”

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