Happy Bucket 1.3

giphy (5).gif

It’s summer already yaaaay! But ooops, it’s not really summer feels for me because I have to take my summer class 😦 It’s okay though because I wanna finish all my subjects hopefully in advance or just right in time.

Things that made me happy lately:

  1. I’m reading Girl Online: Going Solo yes that’s the book three!

2.  My face is now cleared and free from acne yey!

3. I’m starting to love laces

4. Treating myself more means having a lot of me time

5. Chill Nation + Majestic my new music fave for chilling

6. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo and Jung Joon-Hyung illuminated my imagination more I miss them huhu

7. New Hairstyle = Bangs for life

8. Shawn Mendes’ voice makes me calm and inspired all the time. Yes, that’s right ALL THE TIME! He’s the most real and down to earth celebrity I know.



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