1.0 Moisturizing Face Oil


Over the years, I’ve experimented with different face products that could bring moisture and perfect glow to my skin. I’m a little bit cautious in what I’m putting on my face now because I have the fear of getting severe acne. My face is quite sensitive to any cosmetic and skincare product that is why I’m picky when it comes to beauty serums and oils.

I was also a victim of acne (I’m a human too) ever since I was in high school. I would pop my zits before and it would leave a disgusting scar. I even visited my dermatologist to cure it because it became severe and I was so worried. It feared me going out and talk with other people. It greatly affected my self-esteem and I always overthink about all the “what ifs”  that could happen. So after 3 months, all the acne in my face disappeared thanks to my best doctor ever. 🙂 She gave me 6 face peeling pads and gels plus the soap. It was expensive but it was all worth it. I’ll try to share it here when I have spare time soon!

Okay, back to the topic I’m going to spill it now. The beauty oil that made my face moisturized and glowing all the time was from Edens Paradise. The Statheros-C.

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At first, I doubt its capability to work wonders on my skin but it amazed me by its magical-like effect. I got it last February when I was scrolling down in my Instagram and saw their post about this. I was intrigued by all the positive feedbacks so why not try it?

They also use natural ingredients in their products so it is not harsh for the skin.

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The bottle was friendly and convenient to use. I only use this at night before going to bed because I love the effect it gives to my skin every morning after a long slumber.

By the way, I got it for P599.00

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The photo above shows the benefits it gives to the skin plus the ingredients and directions for using.

It also has vitamin-c that is good for replenishing our skin and it works beautifully for our face that brightens and gives a natural glow.

I would love to buy this again after I finish using the first bottle.

Eden’s Paradise sells not only beauty bars and oils but some cures for skin problems too! They also have cosmetics and hair products.

You may want to visit them at their Instagram account @edens_paradise. It’s the main branch but they also have different resellers nationwide.

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