I had a dream 💭

After my laboratory check-ups, I took a quick nap to relax from injections because it’s again my first time to be injected thrice. I find it hard getting asleep fast so I think of happy thoughts and listened to one of my favorite medleys because this is the fastest way to make me feel sleepy.
Then, I had a dream with my super crush OMG!!! In my dream, he was inside our subdivision and he is attending the blessing of the newly constructed house beside our abode. I also had the chance to chat with him and to mingle with him for a short while. OMG, I can’t contain the feeling of happiness I felt. 😀 I thought it was for real :((( He’s a local celebrity (Kristoffer Martin and I bet you know him) I know that I will never have the chance to meet him. But maybe someday fate will intervene in our ways. 💜🙏🏻
Kid Under the Sun xx Going offline

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