1.0 – Sweater Weather


I found myself under my blanket cuddling my pillow. Oh how I love this weather very much. Mellow music surrounds my place. Dim lighted room and chilly air. This Sunday morning gives me a nostalgic feeling. I remember this kind of morning back when I was just a little girl in our province. Under the sun, me and my cousins used to play “piko”,”luksong baka”, “chinese garter, and “agawan base”. We would never stop playing until sunset and we never got tired because we had many playmates from our neighborhood. Every morning during weekends, my playmates would go into our house to invite us outside to play. I was very shy back then so they are the one visiting me. They would tease me to a boy ( Hahaha can’t mention his name sorry XD ) and they always insist that I have a crush on him. That was the thing I hate the most before because that boy would believe them so he would blush when I’m around and I find it annoying ugh! But now, I realized that I was really funny before because my reactions are so childish. I would never forget also my 8th birthday. He was invited for my birthday party. My mom prepared a table for my gifts so it would be displayed there and I caught him placing his present there. I got curious of what is inside the small paper bag and I patiently waited for him to leave the area. I immediately opened the paper bag and I was surprised with what I found. It was a drawing of a little girl and a little boy playing in the fields. There was also a letter inside saying that the drawing was me and him in the fields and he is very sorry because his gift for me is so simple unlike the other guests. On that day, my impression to him changed. From the annoying boy to a sweet and humble playmate. And yes, after my birthday we became good friends. Now that we’re already in college, I don’t know if he still remembers me.

I will never forget my childhood memories. It gives me happiness everytime I’m being nostalgic.

Sometimes, you will never know the value of something until it becomes a memory. – Dr. Seuss